Tools & Concrete/Building Access.

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Midway has a wide range of concrete tools and accessories in our on-site shop. Whether you’re a renderer, bricklayer or concreter looking for a specialised piece of equipment, or just a DIY amateur wanting the right tool for the right job we can help you in any direction.

The fantastic range of tools you can purchase at our one stop tool shop include –

Floats, screed bars, trowels, edgers, groovers, wheelbarrows, concrete mixers, compacting plates, concrete vibrators, shovels, boots, picks, brooms, hammers, bolt cutters, sledge hammers, diamond cutting blades, nippers, scrapers, bolsters, saws, twisters, paint brushes, paint, silicone, rendering tools, tape measure and many more.

In addition to our hand tools we also carry a range of concrete/building materials and accessories for all your on-site requirements; check out this range – 

Concrete Stumps, Reinforcement Mesh, Bar Chairs and Tie Wire, Builder’s (Polyethelene) Plastic, Joint Fillers, Concrete Retarders, Bags of Quick Set Concrete, Cement and Coloured Oxides and more.

All items sold at trade prices.