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Exposed Aggregate Concrete uses natural resources and products that vary in size, shape, and colour. All suppliers take required measures to ensure that the products supplied reach Australian standards. Samples are examples of finished products and are only indicative of the finished product that can be achieved through the process of laying and exposing concrete. There is no guarantee that the products will match the sample to the exact specifications.

To ensure that the product is finished properly, qualified and experienced concrete contractors must be used. Midway can assist you with recommendations in relation to finding such experienced contractors. The method of exposing the aggregate of fresh concrete can generate wash of water that contains cement and other contaminants. All wash water must be contained on site and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Never allow wash water to enter any drainage system or natural waterway.

After exposing the concrete, Midway recommends a light acid wash which will ensure that any excess cement covering aggregate is removed. Two coats of clear sealer should be applied upon completion to enhance and protect the decorative concrete surface. This will ensure that the concrete will maintain its desired look and help to reduce the risk of staining the surface of the concrete.

Due to concrete being made up of natural resources there is the risk of slight variations which Midway will not be held liable for.

Midway prides itself on supplying the highest quality product and best service possible. Information gathered when purchasing concrete will be used to ensure the correct mixes are offered to you, while assisting you with any special needs or requirements you may have.

Midway endeavours to meet and exceed your expectations by providing you and your project with the utmost professionalism.