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If you are interested in visually enhancing the look of your garden, use pebbles.  Pebbles offer a unique style of decoration and provide a low maintenance feature which, when compared to other garden decorations, prove a very economical alternative. Besides aesthetic appeal, pebbles also have many other advantages. During the hot Australian summers soils lose their water content due to evaporation, this can be limited by lining your flowerbeds and bare areas in the garden with pebbles.  Pebbles also prevent weeds from taking root in your garden.

Midway has a huge range of different pebbles to choose from, come down and visit our huge outdoor display!

7mm Torquay
14mm Torquay
20mm Torquay
30 - 60mmmm Pebbles
20mm Pebbles
Tuscan Toppings
Natural Charm (Large)
Natural Charm (Small)
Oasis Medium
Oasis Large
Scoria 20mm
Scoria 14mm
Pebble 14mm
Pebble 7mm